Three Tips to Finding the Right Partner for Software Development Outsourcing

There are many companies all over the globe currently offering software development outsourcing, but which company proves to be the best option? This question is common for many software firms hoping to expand their company by outsourcing software development work.

Making the decision to move into offshore software development may seem easy enough, yet finding the right company for offshore software development can sometimes prove challenging. Here are three ways to find a good software development outsourcing company:

  1. Research Your Options: Begin your search on the internet, visiting company web pages and engaging in group forums. By reviewing web pages and looking at the companies in this market, you can get a real glimpse of how an organization manages their business. Also, there are other software firms out there making the same move, so consult them! If your research needs a little assistance, there is a helpful book to reference titled, “Outsource It!: A No-Holds-Barred Look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Offshoring Tech Projects,” by Nick Krym. The author provides lots of great tips for people looking to expand and the book provides tips every step of the way when moving offshore.
  2. Ask Your Colleagues: The next best way to find companies offering offshore software development is to simply consult trusted colleagues. Find out where companies that you know and respect are outsourcing and what has worked for these companies. It might be best to talk with companies that have similar values and numbers of people working on site. Getting personal references during this process will really help you navigate through your list of options so that you are able to make the best decision for your company.
  3. Identify Your Needs: Tailor your search to fit your company’s needs by seeking companies in a desired location or time zone, with compatible cultures, language skills, technical aptitude and styles of management. Possible companies should be narrowed down to fit your needs and this may include being in the same or a similar time zone, or in an area that is easily accessible for in-person travel. The culture and language barriers also need to be considered and addressed accordingly. Lastly, you should think about which project management style works best with your established company to maximize the chances for a productive experience.

All of these tips need to be incorporated during your research for a software outsourcing partner. You should begin with basic research and progress towards investigating and interview specific IT outsourcing companies available for hire.

Discussing the ideas and goals for your company will help you narrow down this selection process. Asking other companies and business owners about their experiences with outsourcing is another valuable way to learn about some good partner companies and offshore locations. Learning about a specific company’s style of management and culture is necessary when looking at offshore software development companies. This process may be daunting but the move to outsourcing is very rewarding.

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