Ensure You Get Mobile Field Service Management Right

Ensure you get mobile field service management right.

Achieving the most beneficial mix between your mobile workforce and the systems you use to manage and coordinate your field team is business critical in the service management sector.

Field service software is designed to support service management businesses which have mobile workforces operating in a defined field of work, such a repairs and maintenance teams, building contractors, or a utility maintenance workforce.

The software will support how works and jobs are managed and coordinated by a business. Utilising leading-edge technology the software will also offer innovative ways to use mobile devices to maximise workforce productivity, such as scheduling appointments directly to workers’ mobiles which aims to keep teams “on the road” and at appointments, rather than travelling to and from the office. This is because field service technology is designed to prevent workers having to return to the office for paperwork or to gather instructions, as the software will coordinate all of this information and make it available on each operative’s mobile device.

Clear benefits

Together with inbuilt scheduling capabilities, the latest software offers a range of other clear mobile benefits for business:

Access anytime, anywhere on any mobile device – the most leading-edge software will work on any device and enable mobile teams to stay connected, informed and up to date even when they are “on the go”.

Mobile app technologies readily available – by utilising the latest app design and advances software is now designed to work seamlessly on any device, whilst also being easy and intuitive to use.

Thoughtful design and user interface – software suppliers will often develop the mobile apps they use to deliver their software with the help of field operatives, so ensuring screens are easy to navigate, and workflows simpler and more intuitive.

Flexible web services – the best of software will also make good use of new developments in the IT arena, such as APIs and web services, all of which can speed the way data is used, transmitted and transferred between mobile devices and any central systems.

Choosing the right software

When a business makes the choice to install field service software, they will find that productivity increases and operational costs reduce.

The automated and streamlined approach of field service software can drive efficiencies across operations. So field service software will have a major impact on any service management business and offer tangible benefits. But it is essential to research the available products on the market and make an informed choice that is right for you and your business.

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