Social Media Consultant: An Advantage for Small Businesses

Social Media has immense benefit for small businesses. Just have a look at these statistics to understand how pervasive the reach and importance of social media is:

• More than a quarter of time spent on the internet is done on various social network
• 70% of active social networkers shop online
• 70% of social networkers rely on reviews before making purchase decisions
• 80% of people in US, Canada, Europe and Australia browse the internet

That is a massive audience out there. To tap this market effectively, your small business requires a Social Media Consultant.

Top Reasons to be on Social Media:

• Create an online presence for your business: Through your profiles, you are directly reaching out to your buyers and potential buyers. You are having a two-way interaction with people who matter, those who purchase your products. You also ensure that you are in a space where your competitors already are. In other words, you are not lagging behind.

• Know the buzz around your business: Through various social networking platforms, blogs and forums, you will know what people perceive of your products and services. You get first-hand feedback and an opportunity to improve upon the negatives. It is also a great place to pick up ideas and actual needs of your target group.

• Provide Value: You can end up providing valuable tips, discounts, promotional offers etc. through your profiles. Your followers will have something interesting and valuable to look forward to. You can also reach out to a relevant talent pool through a LinkedIn profile.

• Exploit a business opportunity: Your competition is there on the social networking sites. You know that most people are moving towards online purchases, and you are certainly not reaching them if you are not utilizing the media platform. Thus, you have to get on to the bandwagon if you want your small business to thrive and achieve real growth.

A Social Media Consultant can help you achieve your goals. Here is what they can do for you:

• Plan: A Consultant can help you plan your goals and objectives, set targets and implementation schedules.

• Professional Setup: The profiles you set up on various social media platforms will be meaningful with lively and relevant content, updates and interlinking to enable maximum number of followers and adequate results.

• Monitoring and ROI: You require constantly tracking of your efforts and fine-tuning various profiles to ensure that your social media campaign is on the right track. A Consultant can help establish systems for monitoring both the campaign and the ROI.

• Saves: You can save a lot of time, effort and money in hiring a professional and experienced Consultant with an able team that can leverage their expertise and own networking skills to aid your objectives.

A Social Media Consultant is crucial to the success of social media campaigns for small businesses. Make sure that you find a good one!


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